How to Show Donor Love on Valentine’s Day

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How to Show Donor Love at Valentine

How do you show donor love at Valentine?

To begin with, you have a huge opportunity with Valentine’s Day approaching! This is the time to show your donors how much you love and appreciate them.

As February 14 approaches, develop a plan to let your donors know how much their support means to you.

As Morgan Emahiser of Childcare Resources says, “No one ever gets upset from my saying thank you. So why not say it as much as possible?”

Without question, you cannot thank a donor enough.

For instance, I worked with amazingly creative staff in my previous position as executive director of a nonprofit. In the first year of targeting our messages at Valentine, our team focused on those who may feel left out or alone on Valentine’s Day – widows, widower, and singles, for example.

We created a special Valentine card for them. Then each of us wrote a personal note on the card. The next year, we expanded our reach to show more donor love at Valentine.

Let’s be imaginative!

Here are some thoughts in how you can show donor love at Valentine:

1. Show Donor Love at Valentine to Your Top 100 Donors

Specifically, you know I want you to always have a Top 100 Prospect List.

Find out more How to Identify Major Donors.

That list includes current and potential major donors. It need not be 100 – create a manageable list for you and your team.

Start by sending everyone on this list a Valentine card with a personalized note. No doubt, it will take a time to write notes to 100 people. But it is important if you want to keep the major donors you have and bring in new supporters.

Nonetheless, this is something you can do right now. So get your cards ready and start personalizing!

2. Show Donor Love at Valentine to Your Top 10 Donors

Next, identify your top ten (or a manageable number of) most loyal, dedicated, and reliable major donors — that includes individuals, corporate leaders, and foundation decision-makers.

You want to WOW this group!

You want them to continue giving and increase their giving!

Consider a delivery on Valentine’s Day – not the day before – but on Valentine’s Day, if at all possible.

Here are suggestions to get your creative ideas flowing:

Special Delivery

Most importantly, reserve ahead of time a specialty item from a notable bakery or sought-after baker in town. Have treats individually wrapped and add a unique tag.

Be creative!

Consider play on words. Be thoughtful, unique, and goofy, if appropriate.

Now, add an individualized, thoughtful note to each tag.

Clearly, call your donors ahead of time to determine when you can drop by to see them. Ideally, you (the executive director, development director, board chair, or board members) make these deliveries. Without a doubt, it is an opportunity for you to say thank you and have a quick visit.

Alternatively, these special deliveries need not be baked items.

As I’ve shared before, consider taking doggie or pet treats to donors who have pets.

Who thinks of that!?

Your pet-owning donors will be blown away when you bring that little member of the family a Valentine treat.

Here’s another idea.

Special Interviews

Also, consider video interviewing someone who has benefited greatly because of your nonprofit’s work. Afterall, you are creating separate videos for a handful of your top donors.

Ask the interviewee to call each donor by name. Certainly, this can be a one to two-minute video. It does not need to be long.

Furthermore, have the interviewee talk about their transformation — that it was because of their generosity that lives or places were changed.

Absolutely, have them share how much the donor is valued and appreciated.

In summary, whatever you decide as a thank you gesture, you want the donor to feel loved and appreciated.

This is stewardship at its best!

Read more here about How to Show Gratitiude.

Stewardship is how you make a donor feel. So make your donors feel extra special on Valentine’s Day. Show your love!

Above all, take the time in February to express your gratitude to your donors for making a difference.

February is gratitude month!


How will you show donor love and appreciation this February to your top supporters?

Updated: January 29, 2021

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Nancy Rieves, Ed.D. is a fundraising coach. She provides executive and development directors with a roadmap to maximize and sustain major gift fundraising. She prepares leaders to be confident and successful in raising money. Reach her at nancy@nancyrieves.com.


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