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I’m Nancy, an executive coach and consultant to small to medium sized nonprofit organizations, and the creator of Fundraising Maximized, a coaching system designed to help nonprofits raise more money. Here, on my blog, I’ll share my experience and expertise in ways you can implement in your nonprofit.

Overcome the Fear of Rejection Asking for Donations

The fear of rejection asking for donations is real! Many volunteers and development directors are dreadfully afraid of fundraising. Read to overcome it!

Why Major Donors Give, Continue to Give, and Stop Giving

Do you want to know why major donors give, continue to give, and stop giving? Hear what a major donor panel shared about their likes and dislikes!

What Motivates Donors to Give?

What makes people so generous?
Stanford researcher Jamil Zaki says that kindness is like “psychological chocolate.” It makes us feel good. Generosity has even been known to produce happiness hormones like dopamine.

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