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As an executive or development director, you want to become an accomplished fundraiser, especially with your deep desire to sharpen your fundraising skills and make a bigger impact.

In fact, you have an urgent need to reach your fundraising goals in the fastest way possible.

But obstacles get in your way.

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Are you raising the funds you could for your nonprofit ?

As a fundraising coach, I know you want to be a skillful fundraiser, especially with your desire to round out your leadership skills.

In order to transform lives and communities, you need a way to find those who can help and have the necessary funds to support your mission.

The life of your programs depends on your raising money beyond event fundraising and beyond outside threats.

In fact, you have an urgent need to reach your fundraising and uppermost goals. You feel anxious, eager, or maybe uncertain about the next steps.

I believe you should be confident, comfortable, and successful in securing large gifts, so you can contribute to work that matters.

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Your Ultimate Guide to Major Gift Fundraising

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I'm sharing some valuable tips and strategies to address your most pressing challenges and needs.

Fundraising Maximixed

by Nancy Rieves, Your Fundraising Coach and Strategist

For nonprofit organizations, there is no internal relationship more important than that between the executive director and director of development


Take action by following up with those potential major donors who have indicated that they are interested in supporting your cause.

It's vitally important for the executive director to set the tone for the new development director joining the team.

Stop wondering and missing out on bringing in those Big Gifts . . . and start playing Big ---- no matter the size of your organization!

Do you often struggle in writing a winning solicitation letter? Is it captivating and engaging? Find out how to write your best solicitation letter here!

a donor thank you note is the beginning of future gifts. Here are some lessoned learned from this painful experience of mine!

How Fundraising Maximized helps you.

Why leave so much to chance? You have a business to run. Your business is your organization’s mission, and you need funds to make things happen. Having a system that works and being equipped with the right tools and strategies will bring you fundraising success. In Fundraising Maximized, you will:

Develop clear and compelling messages
I will guide you in creating clear and compelling language to attract the right people to support your cause. You want donors to understand how they can be a part of the solution . . . and become raving advocates for your organization.
Develop confidence in approaching donors
You will learn fundraising strategies that work. I will show you how to focus on what drives results. You must take charge of your time, eliminate distractions, and accomplish your biggest priorities.
Build a supportive fundraising board
I will help you clarify the board’s role with fundraising. I will show you how to comfortably engage them in fundraising. Board members want to help — they need you to guide them in how to help.
Focus on major gift fundraising to raise more money

You will learn how and who to ask for money. You will establish long-term relationships with donors. This course, Fundraising Maximized: Your Ultimate Guide to Major Gift Fundraising, is the roadmap to launch or streamline your major gifts program. Offered three times a year, watch for announcements of the next course offering!


Nancy Rieves, Ed.D.

Creative, Inspiring and Resourceful

I am a fundraising coach. I provide overwhelmed leaders of nonprofits with a roadmap to raise more money through large gift fundraising. Having served as a founding executive director of a nonprofit, I started from square one, raised over $16 million, led a team, and wrote my doctorate dissertation on analyzing fundraising activities. I am your fundraising guide!


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Candice raised over $100,000 after completing the Fundraising Maximized online course and after just 6 months in a new position. In this short time, she received the largest gift ever in her career!

Candice Lee

Director of Development, Advancing Sight Network

“We are on track to record our highest direct giving levels in the past 5 years and we will set a new high-water mark for the entire 83-year history of our organization.”

Chris Komnick

Executive Director, Madison Scouts

“Discovering your course, philosophy and tools, has been a game-changer for me as a non-profit board chair. 

It helped one of our board members engage with a donor and usher in a gift of $100,000.”

Sabrina Moyle

Board President, The Mosaic Project

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It is that time of year! Your fundraising goal is in view. You are missing some major gifts from some very dear donors. What do you do?

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You can make up for losses due to a canceled fundraising event.

Follow these five steps to recoup money during this crisis.


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