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Dec 18, 2018Donors

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#GivingTuesday is next week. You have board members asking what the plans are for #GivingTuesday or why we are not participating.

You are a small nonprofit with a staff of one. At best, you are a staff of three. You want to participate but don’t have a plan. You are wondering how to pull this off.

Take a deep breath.

You don’t have to have an elaborate plan. You can still participate in this world phenomenon of giving.

Here is what you do:

1.   Register for #GivingTuesday at https://www.givingtuesday.org/.  It is free and easy. Look for The Complete Toolkit as a guide.

2.   Knowing you already have a Facebook page for your nonprofit, set up when you want to start and go through Wednesday after Thanksgiving. This year, Facebook is partnering with PayPal to match a total of up to $7 million in donations made on Facebook to eligible 501(c) 3 organizations. Follow their rules here https://donations.fb.com/giving-tuesday/

3.   Set your fundraising goal. You are not likely going to raise $1million! You want to be a part of the energy and bring awareness to your mission.


4.   Identify specifically what problem you are raising money to address.

5.   Share precisely what a $5, $10, and $50 gift will do. Let donors know they can be a hero to children, veterans, the homeless, etc. Donors want to be part of the solutions.

6.   Since most of your donations will be in your network and circle of friends, mobilize 10 board members and other supporters who are on social media, especially Facebook, to join in spreading the word on #GivingTuesday. Ask them to be your ambassador for the day.

Once you are set up, let your Board know that you are participating in #GivingTuesday. Blast an email to all of your friends and supporters from your full database. Ask for their support and for them to share the post that you will be making on your nonprofit’s page on #GivingTuesday. If you are comfortable, do a Facebook Live video about mid-day! Blast another email reminder to your database garnering their support.

Keep it simple.

If you decide not to participate, it is ok! See my blog on where to focus your time right now: https://www.rievesconsulting.com/news-notes/givingtuesday.

Question: What are creative ways you have garnered support on #GivingTuesday?

Nancy Rieves, Ed.D. is a fundraising guide. She provides overwhelmed nonprofit leaders with a roadmap to maximize and sustain major gift fundraising. She prepares leaders to be confident and successful in raising money. Reach her at [email protected].


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